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Worldwide Shipping Services

Expand your business into more markets. Cotonou-Direct International Shipping LLC in Washington, DC, helps businesses grow with worldwide shipping services. We are a reliable, efficient carrier that provides access to every corner of the globe.

Door-to-Door or Door-to-Port

Make sure your cargo reaches its destination—choose a carrier with more than 10 years of experience shipping to West Africa. We offer both door-to-door and door-to-port shipping from anywhere in the United States. Your shipment will arrive safely and on time, with all the proper documentation. Our services include everything from customs clearance to home delivery. We ship virtually any product, including:

• Computer & Server Equipment
• Commercial Items
• Personal Items
• Cars
• Furniture
• Ro-Ro (Roll-On, Roll-Off) Cargo

 All Your Questions Answered

Many companies lack the expertise to ensure fast, safe international delivery. We guide you through the whole process, from beginning to end. When you contact us, we ask you the following questions (don't worry if you can't answer all of them right now—that's what our experts are here for!):

• What does your company do?
• Is your cargo loose?
• Is your cargo palletized?
• Do you need a container?
• Do you already have a container?
• Does your cargo need to be refrigerated?
• What's the export process for your origin
Shipping Containers and Transport Trucks