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Container Shipping

What is Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the logistics of exporting and importing cargo by shipping lines.

In ocean freight shipping, goods are packed in shipping containers, the freight forwarder books the space or container with the ship agent, cargo is trucked to the shipping vessel at the port of origin and shipped overseas to the importer at the port of destination. The itinerary may be done from port-to-port, door-to-port, port-to-door or door-to-door, and can include truck pick up and or delivery.

Shipping Containers on Boat

FCL or LCL for your Ocean Freight

FCL (Full Container)

FCL shipping is a type of ocean freight and the term FCL refers to full container load. Shipping FCL does not mean you need to have enough cargo to fill an entire container you may ship a partially filled container as FCL.

Boat Carrying Shipping Containers

Benefits of shipping FCL

You are paying for the entire container, so a half-filled or full container is the same price.

If you are inspected, it is only your cargo being inspected.

Other cargo will not damage your cargo.

here is no stand-by time until the container is fully filled.

Whether you are using LCL or FCL, all cargo should be palletized or boxed depending on the goods being shipped.

LCL or Groupage (Share a Container)

When shipping LCL, cargo is consolidated with other shippers' goods to fill a container. The price of your shipment is determined based on volume and weight.

Drawbacks of shipping LCL

There could be a delay due to the standby time consumed to fill the container.

Other shipments inside the container might be inspected by customs thereby delaying your shipment.

Other cargo inside the container could contaminate or damage your cargo.

From almost any origin, destination or carrier, we can provide streamlined freight forwarding to book your cargo, arrange for pickup and delivery, and manage the shipping documentation. With decades of experience, we facilitate the entire forwarding process according to your specifications as well as the requirements of the import and export countries.

As Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC),* we can maximize your routing and transit time options by managing your ocean shipments door-to-door, with ease, visibility and global reach. Choose from our flexible ocean freight services based on your timing, cargo size and equipment needs.

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