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What is Consolidated Shipment?

 Cargo shipping method in which a freight forwarder at the port of origin combines several individual consignments to make up a full container load. This arrangement allows the goods to be shipped as containerized-cargo that offers greater security at lower shipping rates.

At the port of destination, the consolidated shipment is separated ( deconsolidated or degrouped ) into the original individual consignments for delivery to their respective consignees. Also called grouped shipment.

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Many businesses have to export goods in small volumes that do not fill shipping containers. In such cases, businesses use the Less-than Container Load (LCL) option to import the goods. In LCL export mode, the cargo which is small in volume is grouped along with other cargoes of similar volume to fill a shipping container. Once the shipping container is full, the consolidated cargo is then shipped to the destination port either by ocean or air freight depending on customer requirements.

There is a growing number of LCL export service providers. However exporting LCL cargo is an intricate process that has to be handled by experienced and competent service providers.

Selecting an LCL service provider in United States exporting your cargo should be done only after thorough checking. The primary selection criteria while selecting an LCL service provider in United States should be the number of years the business has been in the shipping industry  (the longer the better), the financial credibility, consistency in performance, having the necessary resources and infrastructure, great customer service, etc.

Services offered by good LCL export service providers

Basic LCL services are provided by most LCL service providers in. However, a few shipping companies offer services which enables customers to get the best deal for their money. Some factors which can make a difference for customers wanting to export cargo by the LCL option in United States include:

·         Providing LCL export  services to major worldwide destinations

·         Providing time definite LCL services

·         Providing direct routes to various locations leading to savings on money and time

·         Providing flexible solutions

·         Providing door-to-door services

Choosing the right LCL service provider can make a huge difference in your business profitability. With Cotonou-Direct International Shipping,all your LCL import/export  requirements will be met efficiently and on time.

Cotonou-Ditect International Shipping , based in United States is a leading Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and Ocean Freight Forwarder (OFF) .

 With a team of experienced professionals to take care of your LCL import/export  service requirements in, you can look forward to a shipping experience that offers you peace of mind. If you are looking for a professional exporter of LCL cargo from United States, we are the right choice for you. Please send us your request by email:  button to get a free quote